Take a chill pill Lyrics – Trippie Redd

Singer Trippie Redd
Music Trippie Redd

Supernatural Lyrics

Take a chill pill
Take a chill pill
Take a chill pill
Take a chill pill
Take a chill pill
Take a chill pill
Take a chill pill
Take a chill pill

B**** I’m from 800 where we kill, kill
Walked out doing drill, drill
Pop out like a pill, pill
Wake up in the morning
Spark a blunt
And crack a damn seal
We balling, b****, I break the backboard
Shaquille O’Neal
Big chopper turn like Timmy
We got dracos with t******
We got kids running around with semis
That ain’t love, that’s envy
Big Jurassic in your city
Beamers, Benz and Bentleys
Rolling around G-Wagon
Lean go to my kidneys
B**** I’m a monster
B**** I’m a goon
How can I lose?
B**** I’m a winner
Diamonds they dancing on me like the winter
I got the shells
No master splinter
I got them bails
Put the blick on my hitter
Put a cross on my nails
But they won’t cross my n*****
Big 14 know what the f*** going on
With the gang, I’m a rebel
I make treaties with the devil
I’m in space don’t need no shuttle
Don’t be scared, don’t need no trouble
I just downed this Hennessy, got me seeing double
Counting chips, don’t let the cookie crumble
We keep blicks, got that bag and I won’t ever fumble
Trippie vs the whole damn gang, it’s like a royal rumble
P**** boy got pushed out the whip
I watched him roll and tumble
Your b**** kissing on my d***, look like she blowing bubbles
You n***** Autobots, I’m a damn Gundam
Walk around this b****, like I’m the pops
Now they mad I sonned them
Summoning up the paychecks, I’mma get this cash
Summoning up that paycheck, I’mma get that bag
Private flights to Berlin, I got jetlag
N***** try to steal my shine and I jetpack
And I’m only going up from here
Like a jetpack
And your homie I rolled up in here, it’s that good pack
Good s***!