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Cupid Lyrics – Fifty Fifty

Cupid Lyrics - Fifty Fifty

Singer FIFTY FIFTY Music FIFTY FIFTY Cupid Lyrics [Intro: Aran] La, la, la, la-la-la La, la-la-la, la, la-la-la [Verse 1: Aran, All] A hopeless romantic all my life Surrounded by couples all the time I guess I should take it as a sign (Oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why?) [Pre-Chorus: Sio, All] I’m …

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Tattoo Lyrics – Loreen

Singer Loreen Tattoo Lyrics I don’t wanna go But baby we both know This is not our time It’s time to say goodbye Until we meet again Cuz this is not the end It will come a day When we will find our way Violins playing and the angels crying When the stars align then …

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Senorita Lyrics – Tony Kakkar

Senorita Lyrics - Tony Kakkar

Song Senorita Lyrics sung by Tony Kakkar. Music and Lyrics given by Tony Kakkar. Starring Aadhya Anand. Singer Tony Kakkar Music Tony Kakkar Song Writer Tony Kakkar Senorita Lyrics Beh Ja Mere Kol Tu Tainu Kutt Kutt Jhappiyan Paawan Dil Te Zor Jawani Da Kivein Kalleya Guzara Raatan Main Munda Shaitaan Tera Kach Da Samaan …

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