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Cry Lyrics – Benson Boone

Cry Lyrics - Benson Boone

Singer Benson Boone Music Benson Boone Cry Lyrics I tried to hide it through the silence While I played along I’m welling up behind my eyelids when i’m holding on to the rage So badly I hate him And I wish that all of— I really hate the way you think that you can get […]

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Goddess Lyrics – Laufey

Singer Laufey Music Laufey Goddess Lyrics It always goes like this Could’ve predicted it I’m so naive to think you loved me for me Kissed as I ran off stage You’re too old to play this game Guess you’re still growing up at thirty Were you surprised by me? When you took me home When

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Illusion Lyrics – Dua Lipa

Illusion Lyrics - Dua Lipa

Singer Dua Lipa Music Dua Lipa Illusion Lyrics I been known to miss a red flag I been known to put my lover on a pedestal In the end, those things just don’t last And it’s time I take my rose-coloured glasses off I already know your type, tellin’ me the things I like (Ah-ah)

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Soaked Lyrics – Shy Smith

Soaked Lyrics - Shy Smith

Singer Shy Smith Music Shy Smith Soaked Lyrics There’s something bout me that drives you crazy I know it’s the way I move my body But I don’t think you truly know me There’s so much more we’re I’m just starting I’m hypnotic with the way I move baby do you know what your girl

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