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STORY Lyrics

Woke up in a bad place
Should probably get up, so I’m not late
Stared at my phone for the past eight
Minutes at nothing, my head aches
Bottles empty by the lampshade
I’m out of Excedrin again, great
Too early to tell, but at this rate
I’m thinkin’ this might be a bad day
I walk out the bedroom, my roommate’s
Asleep on the couch with her two-faced
Boyfriend who lives here, but don’t pay
A penny for rent, but he still stays
She says he’s broke, I’m like “No way”
Probably sells drugs, but she won’t say
Tell me he dabbles in real estate
I mean I don’t believe it, but okay
Okay, pull out the driveway

Notice my gas tank’s on E again, well, of course, it is
Guess I probably should stop at the gas station
So I take a right, pull up to the pump
While it’s pumpin’, I look at my ashtray
Then remember I need to get cigarettes (Cigarettes)
Anything that help my mind state
So, I park and walk inside—wait!
I should probably get somethin’ to drink and eat, I guess
So I find and grab a couple bags of chips
Where’s the candy aisle? Oh, yeah, here it is
Which one should I get?
Should I grab the Starburst or
Change it up and maybe grab the Twix?
Mm, grab the Starburst, then I started walkin’
As I pass the garbage and I reach the fridge
I hear someone yellin’ at the front of the store
Probably just a homeless guy getting bored
Probably just a customer whose card

Didn’t work, and now he wants to start a war
Man, I can’t afford to
Keep buyin’ energy drinks every day, I shut the door
Then turn around and as I’m headin’ towards the counter
With my drink, I hear “Hey, open up the drawer”
Crouching on the floor
Peek around the aisle, gun is on the fore-
Head of the man that’s behind the counter
Now my heart is poundin’ and I’m prayin’ to the Lord
I don’t die today, I can’t die today
I got things to do, tryin’ not to shake
Plottin’ my escape, where’s my cellphone at?
Left it in my car, icing on the cake
I start crawling, I can hear him yellin’
“I want every penny, I want every dime” (Yeah)
“Once you finish with the cash
Open up the bag, throw some cigarettes inside” (Yeah)
“Which ones do you want? Which ones do you want?”
“I’m not picky, give me any kind
Give me all of ’em, yeah, just toss ’em in
Keep it movin’ on, I’m runnin’ low on time and
I’d advise you to move a little quicker
Trust me, I don’t wanna have to pull the trigger
I done it before, it’s not a pretty picture
What, you don’t believe me? I’m just playin’ with you
Well, no I’m not, no I’m not
Just do what I say ’cause if you even think of tryna pull a fast one on me
Promise you’ll be sorry

Oh, my driver’s callin’, I can’t miss my pickup”
That’s when I did somethin’ stupid
And my jacket knocked over a can of soup and then
It got quiet, did he hear me movin’? Shh!
Hold my breath, he must’ve heard me do it, huh?
I’m assumin’ the
Noise must’ve made him turn his head enough
To let the guy that was at gunpoint grab his own gun
Now they both got weapons
Maybe I should help him
Sneak up, slow and deck him
Time to go, time to go, time to go
It’s gon’ be a bloody miracle
Now or never, God, if I had any blessings
Coming in my future, could you send ’em to my present?
Peek around the edge, and I start runnin’ at him
He don’t see me comin’, does he? Steppin’ closer
Grab his neck and hold him, squeezin’ on his throat
I’m tryna choke him, then his elbow hits my nose and
Think he broke it, I think he broke it, my
Blood is leakin’ all over my clothes, I try
Not to let go, but my hands begin to slip and bullets start to fly
Can’t see out my eyes
Cashier still alive?

I can’t tell, I’m tryna crawl away, here comes another guy
He runs inside, like “Where’s the money?
Did you get the money? Where’s the bag you brought?” (Ayy)
“I don’t know, I think it’s still behind the counter
Prolly by the cashier I just shot” (Ayy)
“Who’s this on the floor? Who’s this on the floor?
“I don’t know!” “Well, did they call the cops?”
He runs up to me, then he grabs my shoulder
As he flips me over, then my jaw drops, ’cause
I thought his voice sounded real familiar, he’s
Got a mask on, but the shirt he’s wearing
Is the same one he had on this morning
Starin’ in my eyes, I know he knows I know
Embarrassed, he stands above me and says “Sorry Erin, but
I don’t have a choice,” he holds the barrel up
To my head, I scream “You can’t be serious!”
He shakes his head and says “I’m sorry,” then the gun—

Get down, get on the ground

Cashier yells to ask if I’m okay, he’s dialing 911
I run over to him, grab his phone and try to help him up
“911, what’s your emergency?”
“It’s been a robbery, the cashier was shot, he needs an ambulance
He looks kinda pale, I think he might’ve lost a lot of blood”
“Okay, help is on the way, anybody else been injured?”
“Yeah, the robbers, there were two of ’em”
“Can you tell me their condition? Are they still alive?”
“Well, I’m not really sure, but they don’t look so good
I’m pretty sure they’re dead
Yeah, I think they’re dead”
“Alright, take a deep breath
Everything’s gonna be okay, you’re gonna be alright”