No Fake Love Lyrics – Queen Naija

No Fake Love Lyrics - Queen Naija
Singer Queen Naija
Music Queen Naija

No Fake Love Lyrics

You betta be careful what’chu say to me
Quick to cut a Nigga off so gracefully
I got the power to make em wait for me
(I don’t need no) I bet I’ll make em wait for me
Talk shit, but they ain’t gone eva say it to me
Mad, because they know ain’t no replacin me
I been there & done dat, ain’t no fazin me
(I don’t need no fake looooove)

Verse 1:
SO many bands I’m runnin thru,
So much that I wanna do,
It’s starting to become so clear me,
Need more than love, I need loyalty

I can buy my own, I don’t need a loan
Don’t need no chaperone I’m already grown
Gotta AP all chrome, it’s covered in stones
You ain’t on my type of time den leave me alone

You can’t deny it, baby I’m fire,
Ain’t nobody fuckin with me,
Got the whole world talkin’ bout me,
I’m a force by myself, every time, imma bet on ME

(Repeat Hook)

Young Boy’s Verse:

Promise me, then lie that’s foul
Get mad once we get out and talk loud
I know you gotcha own I just wanna hold you down
For me, you’d do the same, I’m who to blame I kept fake love around

And I know yo friends just talk shit but ain’t bout shit
See this Rolls Royce, I bought this
See that mountain top, with that house on it, it’s paid for, ain’t no rent

How you talk to me bout love and this you show me?
I ain’t whatchu like, then coach me
How you just gone up and throw me
(Throw me out)

And I can’t deny it, admit I was lying
I love you, but this I don’t need
Gotcha home girl thinkin that it’s me
But you don’t wanna be kept and yo type I can’t keep